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Everbuild Gator Glue - 150ml

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Gator Glue sticks to most common substrates and will set hard in about 30 minutes.

Gator Glue is supplied as a liquid which is 100% seawater proof, gives an exceptionally high bond strength and is resistant to most chemicals.

Gator Glue can be used both internally or externally.

Gator Glue can be used to bond most types of wood, formica, polystyrene foam, PU foam and glass wool to porous surfaces. It also adheres to metal, stone, ceramics, porcelain, glass, concrete, brick, masonry and various plastics. Typical areas of use include wood jointing and construction, window and door frames, door manufacture, stone repair, boat building, staircases, ladders, general household repair, hobby use and much, much more.

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