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Stair Parts Price List – Average Costs for Timber, Metal and Glass Stair Parts

The cost of stair parts varies depending on the material, the style and the finish.

Below is a guide to the prices you can expect to pay when replacing a range of different stair parts.

Material Typical stair part costs*

White Oak

Spindles £4 - £23

Handrails £11 - £200

Base rails £18 - £146

Newel posts £18 - £125


Spindles £1 - £13

Handrails £8 - £62

Newel posts £7 - £46

Base rails £4 - £34

Primed wood

Spindles  £2 - £34

Handrails £9 - £53

Newel posts £7 - £37

Base rails £6 - £29


Panels £19 - £112

Panel brackets start from £7 each in chrome up to around £20 in the Richard Burbidge Fusion range


Spindles £4 - £8, some spindles can be bought in packs of 3 such as the Elements Plain Landing Spindle from the Richard Burbidge range

*Prices are approximate and exclude VAT

How can I save money on stair parts?


As a general rule softwoods, such as pine, tend to be cheaper than hardwoods such as oak and ash. This is, in part, due to softwood being much quicker to grow than hardwood so the wood is more readily available.

Wood stair parts may require priming or painting to keep them in optimum condition. If you are planning to paint your stair parts then you may want to consider white primed wood as this has already been painted white. If you require a different colour, the smooth surface of white primed wood makes it very easy to paint.

Glass and metal

Glass and metal stair parts tend to be more expensive but they can be combined with wood to stunning effect, such as in the Forge range and the Fusion range from Richard Burbidge. Although glass and metal stair parts generally cost more, they don’t require finishing and are extremely durable so require very little maintenance.

Glass panels tend to be much wider than spindles so upgrading from wooden spindles to glass panels can be a cost-effective choice, as one glass panel could be wide enough to replace a number of spindles.

Buying multipacks of spindles can often be more cost-effective than buying individual ones if you’re looking to replace a number of spindles so always compare costs carefully before you buy.

To find out more about stair parts from Jackson Woodturners, speak to our experts here.

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