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Step Into Christmas – 12 Ways To Get Seasonal With Your Staircase

Even the biggest Christmas Scrooge can't help but be a teeny bit excited once the Christmas decorations start going up. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that a little bit of glitz and sparkle can transform your home and enhance that all important Christmas spirit.

You don't have to restrict the magic and sparkle to the tree, take inspiration from the big American blockbusters and give your staircase the festive treatment. Unless you are aiming to transform your home into a National Lampoon scale winter wonderland, it is possible to deck your halls tastefully, and the less is more approach to Christmas can often be just as impactful.

Here we look at 12 stylish ways to add a little festive flair to your staircase.

1. It's all about tradition

If you are going traditional with your décor at Christmas, red and green is likely to feature heavily, along with the obligatory holly, spruce and sprigs of mistletoe.

Tartans, candy stripes and polka dot ribbons also mix in well with this theme, as do gold and silver details. Karolyn R. Spagnolo, owner of suggests the following materials to create a traditional Christmas look:

“The Christmas décor was created with a traditional nod, using Candied Fruit, White Pine Mixed Greens, Feathers and Gemstone embellishments.”

2. Winter whites

In contrast to the rich and vibrant colours that are usually associated with Christmas, simple whites and clear glass can create a stunning effect, especially against a white banister. A simple yet effective way to add a magical touch to your staircase is to weave white fairy lights around the spindles and up the banister.

3. Get stuck into Christmas

Stickers are a great way to decorate uncarpeted stairs, especially for Christmas. As they are non-permanent, you can have fun with different styles and designs to suit your theme, with festive images and fun seasonal greetings that can be read as you walk up the stairs.

4. Light the way with candles

Illuminate your staircase by placing tea light holders containing flameless candles on each step. Sarah Salter from shares the following design tips:

“Candles on the stairs are a beautiful way of adding soft lighting and a trail of twinkling stars up to bed. Obviously not advisable with children and animals in the house but a great way to dress stairs for a party where the hallway is to be used but no-one needs to go up the stairs.”

“You can buy ready made garlands to tie to the banister, real and false, and if you have a source of electricity nearby you can weave in fairy lights too. Paired with a beautiful foliage arrangement along the banister topped with fairy lights and bows and you have a stunning arrangement.”

5. Bring the outside in

Why restrict festive wreaths to the outside of your home when you can make a feature of them inside? Hang them in line with your staircase for maximum impact.

6. It's all in the hanging

A quick and simple way to give your bannisters a Christmas make-over is to thread baubles onto thick ribbon and suspend them from the spindles. Experiment with colours, different sized baubles and lengths of ribbon to create different effects on the wall below.

7. Scandinavian style

The Nordic look is very popular at Christmas, and Scandinavian style decorations combine cute with cool. Hand made baubles, felt stars and bold statement snowflakes can make a great addition to minimal or rustic interiors.

8. Less is more

If your staircase is sleek and modern, it makes sense to select Christmas decorations that reflect this style.

Less is most definitely more when it comes to decorating minimal spaces, as it is easy to overwhelm a space. Stylish glass baubles and single colour schemes can effectively add a touch of Christmas, whilst remaining in-keeping with the overall style of your interior.

9. Pretty perfect

Just because it is Christmas it doesn't mean that you have to stick to the traditional colours, especially if you already have a distinctive colour scheme in your home.

Avoid colour overkill by working with your existing pallet. Pastels and pop brights can be fun and cheery and can make a refreshing change to reds and greens. Enhance the look by displaying prettily wrapped presents on each stair.

10. Count down to Christmas

Most staircases lend themselves perfectly to bunting style decorations. A cute spin on the traditional advent calendar is to attach a ribbon down the length of the bannister and peg on 24 small envelopes or mini stockings containing festive treats.

11. DIY décor

Forget naff doily snowflakes, and cotton wool snowmen, get crafty with Origami to create stylish DIY decorations that look as good as those for sale on the high street.

12. Festive fairytale

If there is one time of year that you can give your home the fairytale treatment, it is at Christmas. Create a truly magical feel with glitter, foil and muted golds, then add in some fairy lights for some essential Christmas twinkle and sparkle.