Glass Stair Parts & Staircase Panels

Take your glass balustrade to the next level with our glass stairs & stair parts, which bring greater elegance, class, and light to your home. Discover our ultra contemporary range of brands, including Fusion glass stair parts, Immix, and Clarity.

Whether you're updating your existing glass stairs or undergoing full renovation, glass is a perfect choice and mixes extremely well several timber handrails. We stock a wide range of styles from standard glass, frosted glass, and grey glass stair parts. Why not try out our 300mm frosted glass stair panel, or if grey glass is more suited for your project, try out our 300mm grey glass stair panel.

Remember to accompany your glass panels for stairs with our glass brackets and clamps, and checkout our handrails and base rails to create the perfect staircase design.


23 Items

23 Items

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