White Primed MD Modern Landing Base Rail (Pre-Drilled)

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The White Primed MD Modern pre-drilled landing baserails are from our superb range of high quality white primed stair parts.

The White Primed MD Modern Landing baserail has pre-drilled holes in to take landing spindles.

Baserail Size: 60mm x 28mm

Available in 2400mm, 3600mm & 4200mm lengths

This baserail is suitable for stair pitches of 40 - 43 degrees.

Please note the shade of white on our white primed products may vary between products. This is a primed product so is ready to receive a topcoat of paint. This item has been primed on a hardwood base such as tulip wood or poplar. We advise that a solvent based topcoat is used with our White Primed products.

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