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Choosing chrome handrail brackets – what styles are available and what factors should I consider?

Chrome handrail brackets are wall-mounted attachments designed for attaching standard ungrooved or mopstick handrails to the wall. Thanks to their design, they will pair well with whichever aesthetic you have chosen for your stairs. Our chrome brackets are available in any style you desire, and they can even be highly reflective for ease of use. However, these are not the only benefits of installing our chrome brackets in your home.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of choosing a chrome handrail bracket and the things you should keep in mind before making your purchase. This guide also discusses the other types of materials for handrail brackets, how to choose end gaps and the different woods you can pair your handrail brackets with.


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Read the key benefits of chrome handrail brackets.

Read our guide to the different designs available for chrome handrail brackets.

Read our tips on choosing a chrome handrail bracket.

Find out what other materials we offer for handrail brackets.

Read our tips on choosing a style and material for your end cap.

Read our tips on what type of wood to pair with your chrome handrail bracket.

Why should you choose a chrome handrail bracket?

There are many advantages to choosing a chrome handrail bracket. For example, they’re an ideal fit for anyone wishing to create a modern look for their staircase. Their reflective and sleek appearance will make for a glossy but subtle feature that’s available in a wide array of styles. This means you can pick out the right fit for your staircase design with ease.

Which different designs are available for chrome handrail brackets?

When choosing your chrome handrail bracket, you can opt for either a simple style or a decorative, detailed finish. For example:

Simple styles

At Jackson Woodturners, we believe that simple doesn’t have to be boring, and we’ve reflected this in a number of our designs. If you want something understated, we recommend opting for our Fusion handrail bracket. The Fusion range of chrome products, come with a shiny finish and are ideal for making a simple, minimalistic statement.

  • This connector is part of the Fusion range of modern and contemporary stair parts.
  • The chrome handrail bracket, is used to attach a handrail onto a wall.

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fusion bracket

Decorative features

If you prefer designs with a more intricate finish, here at Jackson Woodturners we recommend our chrome octagonal wall bracket. For an added wow factor and extra depth, why not pick up the matching octagonal handrail caps?

  • These wall brackets are part of the accessories range of modern and contemporary stair parts.
  • These brackets are used to attach a handrail onto a wall.
  • Matching end cap also available.
  • 1 bracket per pack.

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octagonal bracket

The sleek Axxys Chrome Rail-In-A-Box Intermediate Bracket is another option for making a modern statement. All of the Axxys range chrome products, come with a shiny finish.

  • This handrail connector is part of the Axxys range of modern and contemporary stair parts.
  • The intermediate wall bracket is to be used in conjunction with the Axxys handrail.

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Axxys bracket

Shop our full range of chrome handrail brackets here to view all of your design options.

What should you consider when choosing a chrome handrail bracket?

When choosing a handrail bracket, it’s important to keep your existing staircase in mind so you can attempt to match its aesthetic. This means the style that you opt for – be this modern or traditional – should be at the centre of your decision. It's also important to consider whether you want to choose a simple handrail bracket or one with pops of elegant and decorative design.

Additionally, you should also consider the price of a chrome handrail bracket. If you're working to a budget, make sure to check this before you decide on a specific handrail bracket.

Are you looking for an oak handrail to complement your staircase? Read our guide to choosing an oak handrail here.

What other materials are handrail brackets made from?

At Jackson Woodturners, our handrail brackets are made from a wide variety of materials to ensure you will find your ideal fit. Just some of our options include:


Brass is the perfect material to bring out the best of lighter staircases. This is because the darker metallic hues of the material set up a shocking contrast with lighter woods such as oak. It truly provides you with rustic elegance when paired with petal wall brackets and end caps, for example. Shop our brass handrail brackets here.


Nickel is the best material to opt for if you're looking for an understated finish. It has a naturally warm hue, meaning it works best with staircases made from materials such as timber and oak. It’s also one of the most practical materials, as its flicked brushstrokes make for the perfect disguise for dirt spots and stains. If your house is home to children or pets, Nickel could be your ideal choice. Are you interested in choosing a nickel bracket? View our full range of nickel handrail brackets here!

Black metals

Any type of black metal is perfect for those wanting a sleek, modernist look. It’s a neutrally versatile choice that is extremely sophisticated when paired with either light or dark staircases and walls. View your options of black metal handrail brackets here.

Which end caps should I choose?

An end cap is a perfect way to finish the aesthetic of your handrail, and add a final decorative touch. However, it's important to choose one that will complement your home's current style. Designs are available in a host of metals, including brass, pewter, and chrome – and you can even find a matching style to go with your handrail bracket. They are also available in a range of woods, including pine and hemlock.

For mopstick handrails, there is a choice to be made between slim end, medium-end, and filigree end caps. We suggest opting for the filigree caps for a more ornate finish. You can shop our full range of end caps here.

For more advice, visit our page on how to choose the right stair accessories.

How do I care for my end caps?

To get the most out of your end caps, it’s important to care for them properly. This includes simple steps such as bathing metallic end caps in a mixture of warm soapy water and buffing for a streak-free finish. Wooden materials should be wiped with either soapy water or a specialist wood cleaner where possible.

For more guidance, click here.

What types of wood should you pair with chrome handrail brackets?

It’s a common misconception that chrome handrail brackets are hard to pair with wood. Chrome is a versatile material that can be paired with all types and shades of wood. At Jackson Woodturners, however, we suggest that you pair your chrome handrail brackets with a paler wood, ideally oak or pine.

For more information about choosing handrails and handrail accessories, visit our advice centre page.

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