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Handrail brackets: what they’re made from, what styles are available and how to install

Wall mounted handrail brackets are designed to attach either standard ungrooved handrails or mopstick handrails to a wall. Handrail brackets are available in multiple styles and materials so you can achieve the look you want for your staircase.

Below we take a closer look at:

Materials for handrail brackets

Handrail brackets are a small feature on your staircase that can make a big impact by bringing the overall look of the space together. Finishes range from contemporary-style metals such as chrome to more classic choices like brass.

Below we break down the benefits of each type of metal available for staircase handrail brackets.


Chrome is a plated metal where a thin layer of chromium is applied to the surface of metal to give help prevent corrosion and to provide a dazzling, highly reflective surface.

Although chrome has been a staple for fittings in bathrooms and kitchens for years, the popularity of this shiny metal means that it’s now a common feature in other areas of the home, including the stairs.

Chrome handrail brackets are a great choice for modern stairways as the metal has a sleek and refined look that works well with the clean lines of modern stair parts. Chrome works particularly well when teamed up with pale wooden handrails, such as oak or pine.

View and buy a complete range of chrome handrail wall brackets here.

The end caps in the above image are 54mm diameter chrome medium end caps—you can view and buy them here. You can buy the chrome handrail brackets here.

end cap
detailed bracket

The petal wall bracket features a rosette design which suited to more traditional properties, whereas the octagonal wall bracket design is ideal for modern, or even art deco inspired interiors.

Both work if you’re looking for a unique take on a round handrail bracket.

Handrail wall brackets like these give you the opportunity to add interesting detail to this often overlooked area of the staircase and perfectly express your style.

You can complete the look with matching handrail end caps.

Detailed designs

How many handrail brackets will I need for a staircase handrail?

Although there are no official guidelines for how far apart handrail brackets need to be, when you’re installing a handrail it’s a good idea to fit the brackets no more than one metre apart.

Fitting enough brackets will ensure your handrail is safe and secure. For a standard 3.6m handrail you’ll need four brackets.

Starting from the bottom of the stairs:

  • Fit one bracket 30cm from the bottom end of the handrail (this should roughly align with the edge of second stair tread up from the bottom of the stairs)
  • Fit the second bracket 100cm along from the first one
  • Fit the third bracket 100cm along from the second one
  • Fit the fourth bracket 100cm along from the third one (this should roughly align with the edge of the second riser down from the top of the stairs)

This should mean that the fourth handrail bracket is roughly 30cm from the top of the handrail.

handrail brackets

Where do I secure the brackets on a handrail?

You can fasten most handrail brackets onto the underside of the handrail as this is usually a flat surface. Once you’ve measured where the brackets should go on the handrail (see above), you can then screw the brackets in place. Most handrail brackets come with screws provided.

HR handrail profile

hr handrail

Cottage loaf handrail profile

cottage loaf

Mopstick handrail profile


What are handrail kits?

Handrail kits come with everything you need to install a new handrail in your home, including the handrail, brackets/connectors and screws.

The handrails in handrail kits are designed only to work with the brackets provided, such as the handrail kits in the Fusion stair part range. Unlike most handrail brackets, which fasten to the underside of a complete handrail, the brackets in these kits connect sections of handrail together. The end result is a highly contemporary, wall-mounted handrail.

The below images show the Fusion pine handrail kit with chrome connectors. You can buy this handrail kit here.

Some handrail kits, such as the Axxys ‘Rail in a Box’ range also contain patrices, as well as connecting brackets. Patrices are circular, wall-mounted wooden plaques that you screw the brackets into.

You can buy the Axxys ‘Rail in a Box’ handrail kit here.

How high should stair handrail brackets be?

You should fit a handrail between 900mm and 1000mm above the pitch line of the stairs. You’ll need to bear this in mind when fitting your handrail brackets and ensure you install them at a height where the overall height measurement of the handrail falls between 900mm and 1000mm above the stairs.

You can find out more about handrail height with our guide What height should a staircase handrail be?

Handrail brackets should come with all the components you need to fit them to the wall and your handrail.

To find out more about handrails, visit the page Your Guide to Handrails.