Styling your staircase for Christmas: the expert view

When it comes to decorating the home for Christmas it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start… or indeed when to stop! Too minimal can end up looking cold and—dare we say—miserable, but on the other hand the full-on grotto effect is probably best reserved for department stores!

A great way to add a touch of festive sparkle to the home—while creating an instant Christmassy welcome to guests—is to decorate the staircase. As Elizabeth Parker from Parker Interiors says: “The staircase presents the perfect stage for some imaginative decoration, especially during the party season.”

For inspiration we spoke to interiors experts Elizabeth Parker, Gilly Craft, Katy Aston, Rebecca Dupere, Emile Azan, Louisa De Paola, Steph Briggs, Tom Sanders and Ugo Arinzeh and asked them to describe how they would style their own staircase for Christmas.

Here’s what they had to say…

christmas staircase