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Have yourself a very local Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to inject a little creative flair into your home, and where better starting place than your hallway? With so many up and coming independent local business in and around Sheffield we decided to tap into their creative knowledge to get some ideas for dressing our hallways and staircases with some sparkling results.

Read on for expert staircase dressing ideas from…

Eleanor and Guillaume

Based in their new premises in Bakewell, Derbyshire, Eleanor and Guillaume are the style team behind the UKs newest lifestyle and concept store. With life time experience in interior design and fashion they have a one stop shop for all your interior needs.


Frances and Rose

Frances and Rose are creative wedding and event florists specialising in locally sourced, British grown flowers in and around the Peak District and Sheffield. 



Lauri King

Lauri King is a Northern based Interior Stylist offering eclectic and thought provoking interior design services for residential and commercial projects. 



Katy Rose Vintage

The Katy Rose Vintage style is a fusion between inspirations from her childhood years in Joburg and her beloved Yorkshire where she has returned home and set up shop in Sheffield’s Antiques Quarter.



Eleanor and Guillaume

“Our key colours for this Christmas are black, white and copper. A mix of mattes & metallics create a wonderful effect and add depth to any space.”

1. Paper Garlands

“For a simple, effortless look we use our copper paper garland to string on ceilings, up walls and in windows. As it moves it catches and reflects the light beautifully, whilst also being a great space saving decoration.”

2. Paper-cut Ornaments

“Our paper-cut ornaments are available in white or copper. They look great on a tree or hung on twigs or pussywillow in a large vase. Simply place the vase in a snug area at the bottom of your stairs or on a chic console table for a scandi look.”

3. Christmas Countdown

“Our year round must-have is our lightyear calendar block. It can be sat on a table against a wall or hung up for a wonderful, stylish way to count down the days to Christmas.”

4. Hanging Ball Displays

“Hung in clusters or one by one the ball decorations are everyone’s must haves this year! Great in hallways, up stairs or in windows there’s nowhere that they don’t work. Mix up colours and sizes for a great modern look.”

5. Christmas Guards

“The perfect mix between rustic traditional Christmas and modern scandi style, our minimalist guard set of ornaments look great on a tree, stood on a shelf or hung along a ballustrade. All white with a touch of sparkle they provide enough Christmas bling for any house.”

Frances and Rose

“As a florist at this time of year it's all about greenery, berries and sparkle. Entering your hallway can bring instant joy from the cold outside and twinkling lights invite your guests into the warm. Even if you've only got a hand full of holly and some fairy lights you can add and bit of magic to your entrance way, candles also work wonders. Get the Christmas tunes on, and get creative!”

1. Welcoming Wreaths

“Whether it is made of fresh greenery or dried flowers, a wreath on your front door is always a beautiful addition at this time of year.” 

2. Branches of Baubles

“Add a bit of Christmas sparkle to your hallway or staircase, without the effort of having two Christmas trees, by getting decorative with twigs. Simply forage a few branches or twigs, anchor them down in a vase and decorate with lights, baubles or even use as an inventive way to display your favourite Christmas cards, old or new!”

3. Staircase Garland

“Most florists offer a home dressing service and will happily come and create a staircase masterpiece for your home. Achieve a similar effect with faux foliage which is usually sold by the garland. Ensure the display lasts by focusing on the base of the staircase rather than the handrail, so you are not constantly running your hands over it or knocking it. Add fairy lights for a bit of extra sparkle on dark winter nights.”

4. Woodland Feature

“This one is pretty easy, but magically effective. You really only need one or two slices of wood and some jars, candles or lights. This can be perfect for a welcoming hall table, and can also be moved to the hearth or to make a dramatic centrepiece for your Christmas dinner table.”

5. Cards and Flowers

“A lovely way to display cards and extra baubles is to hang them from your stairs!” 

Lauri King

“In my opinion as long as you can still safely walk through your hallway anything goes. You can cram as much Christmas loveliness into your hallway and you’re unlikely to get bored as you don’t spend prolonged periods of time there. You will thoroughly enjoy coming home to it of an evening – what a lovely Christmas welcome!”

1. Light the Way

“Traditionally, candles are placed on each step, but for a modern twist go full on electric (or LED) lighting. A light on each step is a beautiful and atmospheric way to decorate your stairs and also provides task lighting. Alternatively, try hanging lights that can be positioned anywhere. These retro style colourful bulb lights are so easy to use, simply pop in a battery and pull the string to turn on and off.”

2. DIY Garlands

“Have some fun in the making as well as the decorating of your banister with a DIY bauble garland. Grab some of these little beauties (I suggest 10 or 20 for good impact), thread and tie at intervals onto a piece of string or ribbon, weave the resulting garland around your banister rail and secure at either end. Lovely!”

3. Neon Noel

“Christmas doesn’t just have to be red and green – grab some neons and funk up the festive season.”

4. Faux Florals

“Bring the outdoors in.  Gathering some greenery from outdoors and using as decoration isn’t a new idea, but the new faux florals are an excellent alternative, no 1970s tackiness here! They’ll last until next year too. Drape these artfully over your staircase, wrap around spindles, place on tables, create a garland to hang above – the possibilities are endless.”

5. Personalised Pressies

“Hang Christmas sacks or stockings on your banister or place on a hallway table. You can even personalise them!”

Katy Rose Vintage

“I like to think of my style as simple and classy, with a hint of rustic.  This year I looked at the colours I already have in my home and tied my tree decorations in with them, for example baubles that match my cushions (orange) together with another accent colour to make it look individual (ballet pink).”

1. Festive and Floral

“Use artificial flowers to decorate your tree.  Just poke them into the tree and create something different; plus save money by utilising what you already have!”

2. Fairy Light Decanters

“This year I am doing a twist on the “fairy lights in jam jars” idea by swapping the jam jar for a cut glass wine decanter to create a vintage feel.  I have chosen pink fairy lights to match the ballet pink tones of the artificial roses on my tree.”

3. Mirror Effect

“Position a mirror behind your tree or opposite your staircase to increase the effect of your decorations.  This will double up your effect, add extra light and give the feeling of extra space.”

4. Rustic Card Display

“Hang your Christmas cards and special photos from a garland along your staircase to remember those will not be around this Christmas.”

5. Repurposed treasures

“I love taking objects that have been loved before and transforming and rejuvenating them into something that will be loved again.  Vintage toys are perfect for creating interesting and unique tree ornaments.”