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Metal stair parts: what’s available and what are the benefits?

The different types of metals for stair parts

Our products are designed with a variety of different metals, and each metal has its own benefits for your staircase.

Here’s a guide to the different metals we use in our stair parts.


Chrome is a plated metal where a thin layer of chromium is applied to the surface of the metal. This addition helps prevent corrosion and provides a highly reflective surface.

Chrome is one of the most frequently used metals for our metal stair parts. The range available on our website includes chrome caps, cover buttons, chrome end caps, spindles, handrails and glass clamps.

You can view and shop our full selection of chrome stair parts here.

Key benefits of chrome

  • Chrome provides an attractive reflective finish.
  • It’s ideal for modern and contemporary staircases.
  • Chrome has a sleek and refined look.

Brass plated

Brass is commonly paired with timbers such as ash, pine and oak. We offer a range of brass plated products that provide a traditional look and feel. Adding brass plated stair parts to your staircase creates an elegant, high-class appearance. Our brass stair parts range features attractive wall brackets and end caps.

Key benefits of brass plated products

  • Brass goes particularly well with brighter shades of wood.
  • Brass creates a luxurious, traditional look.
  • Chrome has a sleek and refined look.

Brushed nickel

Brushed nickel is perfect for simple yet modern styling of your staircase. Suitable for a large variety of tastes, brushed nickel is used in many of our stair part ranges. From handrail brackets to newel caps and spindles, nickel is suitable for all different tastes. View and shop our complete range of nickel stair parts here.

Key benefits of brushed nickel

  • Brushed nickel works well with warm hues of timber.
  • In comparison to gloss, nickel creates a look that’s warm and earthy.
  • Brushed nickel hides dirt and fingerprints effectively.
filigree end caps

Black coated metal spindles from the Elements range. View the full range here.

filigree end caps

Black metal Edisto spindles combined with black metal Madison spindles.

Black coated metal

Classic and bold, we offer black metal stair parts in both stylish contemporary styles and traditional styles. Black coated metal is highly effective in adding character to your staircase. All of our black metal parts are designed from mild steel which has been powder-coated with a matt black finish.

Black coated metal is featured in our wall brackets, spindles and newel post flat caps. You can shop our full range of black coated metal products here.

Key benefits of black coated metal

  • Black coated metal is a neutral tone, working well with a large variety of woods.
  • Black adds immediate sophistication and class to a staircase.
  • Black coated metal appears sleek and modern.

The different types of metal stair parts

Here is a guide to the different metal stair parts we offer.

Wall mounted metal handrails

Easily attached to most types of wall, these handrails can provide your staircase with a modern look and feel. Metal handrails are designed to be used with the fittings and accessories in the wall mounted metal handrail range.

Our metal handrails selection features nickel handrails and chrome handrails.

You can find out more about handrails by following the link Your guide to handrails—types, materials, accessories and height guide.

Handrail brackets

Our metal wall brackets are designed from brass, nickel and chrome. You can also find black coated and white coated wall brackets in our range.

Handrail brackets are designed to attach handrails to a wall. Our handrail brackets range in style, from simple designs to more detailed designs which express your individual style statement.

To find out more about the options available for handrail brackets, read our guide Handrail brackets: what they’re made from, what styles are available and how to install.

Newel caps

You can find metal newel caps designed from chrome, nickel, black metal & gun metal. Some of these metal caps also feature wood, such as pine, oak and walnut.

Looking to replace an existing newel post? View our guide to replacing newel caps here.


Our metal spindles come in nickel, chrome & black metal. In addition to being a vital safety feature, spindles are key design feature. Changing the spindles on your stairs can bring a brand-new look to your staircase.

You can find out more about spindles with Your guide to spindles—types, materials, styles, fitting and maintenance.

Newel base connectors

Our Solution fittings range features newel base connectors designed from brushed nickel and chrome. These metals offer a unique, modern look to improve the appearance of your staircase. The newel base connectors will work for 90mm newel posts.

Metal handrail connectors

Metal handrail connectors are designed to be used on a flat surface and allow the handrail to travel down a flight of stairs. We offer metal handrail connectors designed from brushed nickel and chrome. Our Forge handrail to newel posts fixings can be used with any of our HR profile handrails.

You can read a guide to our different stair part ranges for more information on what we offer.